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Does anyone enjoy work?

Here was a reply I made to a yahoo post about how many people are happy in their work in the various towns and cities of the UK:

Only a small minority are actually happy in their work, I believe. Many others might claim to be happy, but they are only doing so to save face, and because they are scared of the alternatives. Either unemployment and the lack of dignity that comes with that, or finding another job. For me the biggest sham in this era is that we are all expected to identify with our jobs, as if we are doing them by personal choice, when we all know it is external compulsion in most cases. And the only incentive to work is to pursue material gains. So this over time selects out the most materialistically minded people to be successful at work. There is no enjoyment in any of this, we are just torturing each other, all out of bravado to save face.

This really is probably one of the most intriguing and critical problems in social science: that despite all the technological advancements made in the 20th Century people are still finding themselves by and large in a situation of having to make a hard graft at work in unsatisfying jobs performing unsatisfying tasks. How can this be? Are we as humans perverse by nature, and we like to make things difficult for ourselves? Is it that there is always a pressure from more impoverished parts of the world in this globalized economy that forces us to have to compete? Or do we simply not know how to control the impulsive side of our nature except when in a crisis, and so only when we are in a stark situation of survival does it hit home that we will have to change how we act?

Some subtle and all-pervasive mechanism is at work here throughout society that is making things this way. And until we can start to gain some more understanding and awareness of it, it is going to continue to control our working lives, making them predominately a struggle in a state of either misery, or at best of disinterest.

Being Normal

This is something I have never been comfortable with in my life. There are a lot of influences out in society trying to “Normalize” you. Luckily for many they are not aware of the subtle ways in which they are influenced, so they can carry on along merrily in their lives.

It is not that normalization is necessarily a bad thing. It helps to make relations between people stable and peaceful for the most part. It is just that it doesn’t really work when you are someone who is all too painfully aware of the attempts to make you more normal in this way. As you then can’t help but see it as some sort of sham, and so it is then impossible to identify with the proposed “normal” way of life.

We see cases where normalization fails in those who end up repressing things about themselves until they can only be released in a destructive manner. It also seems to fail for many with various mental illnesses. Such as personality disorders. And even something as common in society these days as depression could be due to failed normalization.

In my case it seems to be mainly due to a sheer stubbornness and refusal to be manipulated into life choices that are not my own. And so I have a heightened awareness of any such attempts. The result is a life of worry and anxiety. As I am surrounded by people with whom I don’t share much affinity. So there is no common background to draw upon to build a trust on. And I am constantly awaiting the next attempt of someone to manipulate me into life choices not my own.

I know that refusing to be normal gives me a lot of troubles and difficulties in my life. I know things would probably be easier and run smoother for me in life if I acquiesced at times. But I just can’t deny my awareness when it shows me what it shows me. I must remain true to my awareness of things, but more by compulsion than by some morally grand choice or decision.

As for normality. I may have nostalgia at times for such a way of life, and even sometimes envy where I see it. But ultimately normality leads to a lack of awareness. It lures you in with the prospects of worldly successes and comforts. But it is no more than a socially glorified form of peer pressure. For a teenager it may manifest as wanting to be “cool”. But as an adult it will make you feel a need to be merely “normal”.

I never much wanted to be cool as a teenager, and neither do I much want to be normal as an adult. Too many people think too much only about social status. What does social status really matter in the grand scheme of things? Maybe it meant something when there was something left worth fighting for on this planet. But there is nothing free left on this earth worth fighting for. It is fully occupied already.

This world has already more than enough “cool” and “normal” people. But it doesn’t have remotely adequate awareness. Maybe that is something we should think about working on.

Ebola: Fear turns to Moralising turns to Apathy

So we had the needless uproar and panic stage of the ebola outbreak, manufactured nicely by the media to get our attention and scare us. Now that we have shrugged that off, we get people who have been there on the ground, in the thick of it, in the mix, and any other self-aggrandizing label they can attach to themselves, who want us to feel guilty about it. There has been two pandemics released by the media this past few months, and neither of them has had anything to do with ebola. The fear pandemic, and now the guilt-trip pandemic. Three month old babies are getting the virus and dying of it we are told. They hunt for the youngest victim of it in order to unleash the biggest guilt trip on us.

Well I am sorry media, but you lost me when you unleashed your fear pandemic, and I don’t credit any related agenda of yours from that time on. There is something fishy and dodgy about the whole way in which it has been portrayed. I choose to reject and not trust any of your sources, and any of your narratives. I can’t care about what may somewhere be real people suffering in the world, because the media lens through which this has reached me is completely tainted and corrupted beyond possible repair. This is what happens when you try to manipulate a response out of people, rather than be honest with them and simply report on events and let people be a judge for themselves on how to respond.

You create a society of people who simply don’t care anymore.

Judging Suicide

I wrote this short post over a week ago based on the recent news then of the death by suicide of Robin Williams. I didn’t publish it at that point as I didn’t want to get caught up in the initial hysteria of reactions to his death. This past week or so I have been paying my own tribute to him by watching over many of his films. Some that I had seen before, and many that I had not. My major gripe in this post is with judgmental people. They are not the strong people in this world they try to make themselves out to be, they are the weakest:

There seems to be a strain inherent in many human beings to like to judge people. And when someone commits suicide, and cannot speak back to defend themselves this, for them, is a perfect opportunity to freely judge someone. An easy, defenceless target. We see this in the case of Robin Williams these past few days. This morning a radio presenter claimed he didn’t care Robin Williams was dead, only cared for his children. Now, its an all nice and high and mighty thing to say, and makes you feel better about yourself. But if you spoke to his children they wouldn’t get any solace from this presenters supposedly comforting words for them. Because of course these words were not for them. But were the words of someone who has nothing to do with them, but just likes to judge when he sees an easy target. He thinks committing suicide is a selfish thing to do. But I would say his judging of a dead person he doesn’t know is a much more selfish act.

At this point I was going to rant on and justify why often suicide is not a weak thing to do. But I don’t need to justify someone else’s life decisions. I don’t need to judge them either negatively or positively. I don’t know anything about Robin Williams or his family personally. I am not qualified to speak for them as they grieve, like this judgmental radio show host felt he was. All I know is that he brought a lot to the world, and inspired a lot of people.

What is a True Friend?

A true friend is not someone who will be there when times are tough. But who is strong enough to be there for you when times are good. It is easy to be helpful to someone who needs help. It is much more difficult to still support someone when they look like they could manage just fine without you. Yet that is exactly the kind of kindness and friendliness required for anyone in order that they can develop and grow healthily to be an independent adult. If you only reward the person in need with your friendliness you are creating a dependency relationship. A true friend will reward and be friendly with someone even that doesn’t need them, out of trust that the friendship will be reciprocated.

Learning this lesson has been of late a painful experience for me. As it has brought the realisation that I currently do not have a true friend at all. Any need or dependency or “cry for help” and I have people queuing up to put a word in. As soon as I do something well, achieve something good, those same people greet me with a stony silence. To create a dependency, to stunt my own independent development? I could speculate on things like this. On the psychological motivations of other people to kingdom come. But it would be hit and miss, and you would have to rely on others sincerity about their own subjective experience to get any verification. Though you will not get that in the first place from people who are not true friends. So better to just leave it as that. They are not true friends, and that is what it is.

To know this can give me some solace. There is no contentment or happiness to be found in achieving something that cannot be shared with others. Being motivated to prove others wrong, though there may be good cause, based on past mistreatment, though there may be injustice done that can never be put right, is not a happy way to be motivated. But when you are motivated to do something good purely for its own sake this brings the realisation of who your true friends are. Because they will share in your joy in the good times as much as they will help you when you need them in the bad times. I have this realisation now. Hopefully I can learn from this and be strong enough to act on it.

Bankrupt Species

A response I was going to send to someone I know online, but I thought better than to load them with my problems…

…Thanks, certain things happen though, I have tried it all it seems,there is always someone or something waiting to bring me down or trip me up, sometimes it is just my own thoughts. I can’t think of anything I can possibly do in this world that is going to make things better, whatever you do the world loses out somehow, another species goes extinct, the resources of the planet dwindle down and we go to wars with countries to steal resources to support unsustainable lifestyles, and all for what, to continue this human race to do the same thing over and over for each generation, it all just seems so pointless, right now I just think humans are a bankrupt species.

Is there anything we can do that doesn’t make things worse for humanity in this world? I have not found anything. I think the corruption runs too deep and pervades any and every counter effort. I have tried to hide in artistic forms of expression. The world of art and fantasy where things are much more easy to fit together in a happy stable structure. And if it isn’t stable you can always arbitrarily change a character trait, introduce a character, a random event, etc… Deus ex Machina is always there for the artist as a teller of stories. But that is all it is. Stories. Little more than fancy lies. Words and sounds to hide from indifferent reality for a few more hours.

The only other option is reality altering drugs. Even those of us who proudly think of ourselves as  strong enough to not get addicted to white powdery substances, sucking on little paper tubes or alcohol, still we alter our chemical balance each time we interact with a person, each time we exercise, each time we do any activity, we are choosing something that we hope will alter our chemical balance in a favourable way. We are kidding ourselves, staving off the inevitable. We know that humanity is bankrupt, yet we keep on raiding the bank anyway. So, Insane, not just bankrupt, trying the same things and expecting different results. There are no words that can save humanity, we have started a fire that we can’t put out. Any posts that I write from now on will start from this assumption. Because I am so sick and tired of the sham pretense of being positive about things when there is nothing to be positive about, except our own small-minded petty ego-driven desires.

Harnessing the Life Force

There is an incredible force within us all if we can just learn how to tap into it.

We spend too much time caught up in bad habits and psychological fears that limit us needlessly. Yes, we need order, we need some predictability. And yes, we rightfully fear certain things that could harm or kill us. But we go too far with order, and we fear much more than we have any good reason to.

I had a psychological fear of running beyond a certain amount of time, as if my body was limited in some way. But the limit was purely a psychological one. The barrier doesn’t exist in your physiology, in your energy systems, but in your mind. You can tap into the life force and it will achieve great things for you if you learn to trust it’s ways of working.

It is an approach that requires patience and discipline. Results cannot be achieved instantly. The life force does not obey any whim that comes into your mind. It only obeys those things your mind learns to turn into a sustained intention. Often the results then come when you least expect them, but they do inevitably come.

Life works in strange ways at times, and it is a continual learning process for our minds to keep in touch with its ways. The mind works in a vacuum of clear-cut logical rules and rationales. But the rest of our body is placed in a plenum of systems acting and reacting and influencing each other.

That we can get any order and control over it is an achievement. Most of the time all we are controlling is our own psychological expectations and habits, or THEY are controlling us. It is those rare times that our control reaches beyond this vacuum into the plenum of reality that we get a sense of the life force that surrounds us.

We need to learn to reach into this domain more often, and to do it in healthy and sustainable ways. Letting go of some of our needless self-imposed psychological limitations is a good way to achieve this. When your mind is saying you can’t do something realise often it is actually  saying it won’t do something. It is choosing not to do it.

You can change that choice with sustained intentions formed and acted on over time. Won’t then turns into will. Before you know it you have achieved what you once thought you couldn’t. You thought you couldn’t because you thought your resources were limited to the vacuum of your mind, when in truth you have all the resources of the plenum of life force surrounding you to draw upon.


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