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Getting to know the Bible

February 1, 2013

ImageI have read many books, but for so long this is a book I had avoided. It is so difficult to acquire a personal understanding of a book on which so much has been written and talked about. How can you avoid going in with a prejudicial eye, based on what others have told you, or what you have heard from others about this book?

I want to treat it like any other book I would read. I am not going in with preconceptions about God, or with set beliefs about what the message is saying. As such, so far I have found it to be an amazing experience to read about people in a time so long ago, fighting for what they believe in, and fighting to create a fairer and just society. Yes, I find it hard to credit some of the claims of the prophets to be speaking God’s word. But you can’t help but admire their steadfastness in the face of such persecution and odds stacked against them.

I don’t know that this is the word of God, and I don’t want to get into a religious debate, but speaking plainly of it as a piece of writing it is the gathered wisdom of many peoples attempts over many generations to fight for a more understanding and just society, and as such I find it to be the most valuable historical document I have yet to read.

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