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The Kings of Judah and Israel

February 18, 2013

King DavidSo this is where my reading of the good news bible has come to its conclusion for the time being. I had to take it back to the library. The last sections I read were Kings and Chronicles. So many Kings of Judah and Israel, and most of them sinning at one time or another from Solomon down to the last King Zedekiah who had his eyes gouged out by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia. Even King David sinned by taking the wife of Uriah the hittite, Bathsheba, in order to have his son Solomon. Similar to the original sin of Adam and Eve, there was an original sin in the line of The Kings of Judah and Israel. Many good things were done also. The building of the temple by Solomon.

But mainly it seems the tendency for power to corrupt in Kings was the general theme as it has been throughout human history. Maybe this explains the original hesitancy towards nominating Saul as the first King of Israel of Samuel, who was more of a prophet and spiritual leader in his time. For military purposes it seemed a King was needed to protect them from foreign threats. In this context they did well to preserve so many of their own unique traditions and beliefs. The mere fact of a book recording it being preserved through the generations is an impressive fact.

I am thankful for having been able to glean some insights here into this unique history. There is a great storehouse of valuable information in this book and it is presented in such a personal and poetic way. The kings weren’t mythical or god-like beings, they were human beings with flaws like you and me. I cant think of anything that allows us to better relate to this history than this. A cautionary tale, if ever I saw one, for anyone who comes upon power in this world over other people, to not sin and abuse this power.

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