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Violent Noises – A Poem

March 20, 2013

This is a poem about how I developed an awareness of the violence often implicit in peoples seemingly innocent actions. And the manipulative motives to their actions. I wrote it some years ago when I was just learning to be aware of the disingenuousness of many people in the adult world.

Violent Noises

Violent noises around every corner

I alone appear to be a mourner

Sensing webs being spun

before the threads even begun

The bare intention is enough

to make my smooth skin rough

Out of the faintest hint of an idea

I can discern an entire career

I keep my distance, I don’t play the game

but I sense the noises all the same

Awareness can be a killer,

much more than it be a thriller

for one with senses so acute,

so attendant and astute.

Before a plan has got off the ground

I can silence it with a reverberating sound.

Telling to a conclusion where it would have lead,

had my awareness not reared its ugly head.

Sorry for interrupting your fun,

but for me it isn’t life if it is spun.


It is just a way to be freed of the sound

of the violent noises that abound

round every corner of every street

where lies  hostility looking to greet

a new victim to its web …

but I’m already two streets up ahead.

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