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Poem: A Night Best Forgot

April 4, 2013

Excruciatingly, in draws the night

Slowly and torturously, a pain so bright

Anticipating, oh my heart does ache

A presentiment, I can barely take


The moon shines outside, a chill shakes my breast

a screaming sound, calls me to its behest

ringing in my ear, echoing away

unmitigated fear, I barely hold at bay

Accelerating, harsh thoughts through my mind

fixed and unbending, a tightening bind

Drawing, alluring, me into its grip

a seducing, endless, haunting trip

Lengthening, rambling, the time wears on

Interminable, little hope or none

waning and withering, down to a dot

A moment of peace, in a night best forgot

  1. Wonderful, evocative language! Thanks for sharing. Regards, Paul

    • Thanks Paul, glad you liked it. I was just looking through a notebook of mine and found this and the other poem, ended relationship, from about 1 year ago. I was inspired to write these by the experience of loneliness and inner turmoil after a relationship had gone badly for me. I look at this one now and wonder how I managed to write something like this!

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