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A Place We Can Grow

April 7, 2013

I may have got this life quite wrong

withholding from it my own song

caring only for myself

My own safety and my health

with little thought for the world

into which I have been hurled.

spiritual growth picture, person meditating

For when I do stop to think

A new awareness inwards, starts to sink

that the world can give to me

as much and more, than I can impart to thee

It metes it out in careful measure

Tuned for pain and for pleasure

but it always does return

us, to the things that we do yearn

Never cutting off the tie

wrapped up securely in our heads

of the place where we can cry

where our feelings have all fled.

It is great comfort this to know

gazing out at sun and stars

that some place where we can grow

remains well and truly ours.

One Comment
  1. Linda permalink

    This is a wonderful poem.It is amazing and I hope you write many more.

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