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The Wheel of Karma: Money, A poem

April 10, 2013

wheel of money

Money woes, and money worries

come at me in regular flurries

they take a firm grip of my heart

and gnaw away at every part

of my whole being, that is held

transfixed, disturbed, and painfully swelled.

I try to stop and think it through,

and to my soul be plain and true

but the woe is like a fever

and my mind a constant deceiver

never letting me see things right

until the debt is out of sight

and money is once again safe and secure

in my wallet, firmly stored.

Then I can breathe a sigh of relief,

at a brief cessation of my grief.

But then my mind does gradually dull

feeling bloated and over full

so I dispense with the money earned

and to the beginning do I return.

From → Writing

  1. Ha, that pictures reminds me that all we really do with money is wipe our ass with it and flush it down the toilet. Maybe there should be a wood element next to it. You know, for balance.

    • hehe, it does a bit yes, I knew it didnt quite look right for the post. But all the other money pics I looked through were about how good money is, and about getting more of it, and greed basically, so I had no choice but to go for this one, as it least it is a bit closer to my view of money portrayed in this poem. What do you mean by a wood element?

      • It’s a Feng Shui thing. You put a wood element in the bathroom so your money doesn’t symbolically “go down the drain.”

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