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Allergic to Lies

May 14, 2013

I cannot stand the things. I see lies portrayed all around me and a lot of the time it is done knowingly. The adverts on the television making all sorts of false and misleading claims for their products. Relationships with both partners lying to themselves and to each other to keep the relationship going, rather than face being alone. Men who lie to women to get layed. Women who do the same thing. Religious people who contort everything around to fit in line with their dubious biblical interpretations. Scientific education that simplifies complicated subjects to allow children to believe comfortable dogmas about gravity, the big bang and evolution.

Everywhere around it is lies, I feel I am suffocating in it. My immune system refuses to accept this foreign invader, called lying. So it may well often be responsible to tell a child lies to “protect” them. But this is mainly about controlling them, and is done out of selfish reasons, so do not go around thinking this is benevolence showing through. For this would be another lie. A lie to yourself. The most common kind of lie I think. For me, I think the first choice should always be to express something from your heart, to tell the truth. Obviously this does not apply to enemies, or in a war situation. But to friends and to people you love and care about, if you lie to them and take it for granted as an alright thing to do. If you do not put great thought in before telling any lies to the people close to you. Then, in thinking you are doing a good thing, you are committing the biggest lie of them all, lying to yourself.

  1. Janey permalink

    Jonathan…this is JellyD369…your words sing in my ears and heart, I too cannot stand liars, thank you for your honesty πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jane, good to see you on here, glad you liked the post, see you sometime soon for a game on miniclip maybe πŸ™‚

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