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Anxiety and Death – One Man Versus the World

May 15, 2013

Anxiety and Death.

“Anyone who’s been following (or at least read a hand full of) my posts knows that I write about anxiety. I write about it because I struggle with it daily. Though I may have written about this previously, I’d really like to explore how anxiety is especially dangerous in that it paralyzes its victim.

When we are faced with choices, obstacles, and struggles, we must make a decision in regards to how to resolve the issue at hand. We can choose to do the “right” thing, we can choose to do the “wrong” thing, or we can fail to choose (which is really a choice to do nothing, which is mostly likely one of those “wrong” things).

Failure to choose can be rooted in many different things. The chief reason for myself is anxiety. It is anxiety over not only choosing the wrong thing, but of what will follow if I choose the right thing. So, really, it is anxiety over what comes next. Why should I be anxious over the consequences of my decisions?

I believe it is my responsibility to make my decisions, thus making me accountable (internally if not externally as well) for those consequences. That is an anxiety on its own.”

I was just reading this post, and it got me thinking about my own anxiety issues. As I have put in a reply to the post, my anxiety seems to come from fear of the potential implications of my actions in terms of being secretly motivated by aggression and violence, as I fear this is where our instincts lie. And so I don’t act or delay acting, in case my action is being driven by such destructive motives as these, despite all my seemingly positive intentions on the surface of things. (To the author of the original post, thanks for sharing this, it is good to know of someone else finding a way to cope with their anxiety issues. )

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing my post! I’m glad that you were able to benefit from this. This means a lot to me. I hope the best for you in your struggle against anxiety. I continue to struggle, but I’m more hopeful of overcoming it every day. Thanks again.

    • That’s no problem, I am glad to have found the post. Thanks, I have made a lot of progress these last couple of years, but still a long way to go. All the best to you also in overcoming your anxiety.

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