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Is It Right?

June 3, 2013

Is it right,

if I feel no need, nor desire to please

is it right,

if only on my own am I at ease

is it right,

to keep all people at a safe distance

is it right,

to pursue this course with such persistence

is it right,

to be single-minded in my goals

to not bring in my trust, a single other soul

is it right,

to not share my inner happiness

out of fear it will end in snappiness

is it right,

to be happy and content on my own

to require no other where a seed can be sown.

I don’t know that it is right,

and I don’t know that it is wrong.

I am frankly quite tired of this conscience

preventing me from singing my own song.

Preempting my every decision

with accuracy and precision

not letting me make a choice

nor make use of my own voice

always questioning and hesitating

till my motive is dissipating

another moment is lost in the void,

leaving right or wrong to judge itself

my conscience may be buoyed,

but my spirit is in ill health.

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