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Disenchanted Life

June 6, 2013

Many things taken for granted

in a life now disenchanted

All around me, people trundle along

on a road I don’t belong

for them a mystery surrounds,

their every move and every stride.

my understanding this confounds,

left numb and defeated, is my pride.

If there was an answer to be found

in which the truth would reside,

I would be first to make the sound.

and announce the incoming tide.

But silence lies all around

so with patience i must abide.

No chance for me to astound

to amaze, though how I’ve tried!

so settled here on the ground

an empty future is descried.

I would not think to spoil others fun

where new life and hope has just begun.

So leave them to set about their task,

leave many an awkward question unasked.

Another’s journey can not be taken,

to that truth must I awaken.

Only one journey is left to me

to stay strong and steady like a tree

as I am sure you will agree,

nothing more enchanted can there be.

One Comment
  1. Linda permalink

    Another amazing poem.
    You are such a natural and it seems so effortless when you write.
    Heartfelt and real.
    I could read an entire book of poems by you.

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