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A hopeless battle against the World

June 8, 2013

Compromised and withered away,

the hope from tomorrow, the life from today

innocence abandoned, stricken in despair

a broken conscience, no repentance can repair

many unspoken words, half-finished deeds

pile up like unfertilizable seeds

dismal is the prospect presenting itself before me

a formidable, unconquerable, all-devouring sea

Dare I to step into the maelstrom

Dare I to stay safe on the shore

either way lies a quick solution, but never a cure.

Never a return, never a new beginning,

only an ending, an irreversible sinning.

No easy way out is there of this life

each and every option promises pain and strife

try as I may to walk the line

to keep the tingles running up my spine

to live but not commit, to enjoy but not possess,

to love but not to lust, to guide but not repress.

It all comes back to the same.

A limitless horizon, encompassing and imposing

always catching me out when passively reposing.

There is nothing left to blame,

the game is up and must be conceded

I have not moved forward a step, in fact I have receded.

One Comment
  1. Linda permalink

    This is quite profound and so amazing.
    You are such a wonderful poet and writer.
    I really like the last line the best.
    It sums it all up perfectly.
    You improve with every new poem you write.

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