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The Helical Spiral of Life

June 17, 2013

DNA Helix

The world, spiraling out of control

slipping away from the grip of my soul

I let it go, with little thought or care

enjoying it unravel while I sit and stare

I smile, an evil smile of victory and contempt

at a defeat from which I see myself exempt

The world goes round, keeping itself busy

I watch it spin, no involvement, I just feel dizzy

A circle is never complete, a helical spiral instead

emerges, dispersing further, increasing my dread.

Gaps widen, holes appear

Raising the temperature of my fear

the moment nears

ripping apart, a fall, sheer.

Drop down, separation,

just another helical complication.

Rescued by a net

a new identity fixed and set

How long will this stability last?

Not very long, I am willing to bet.

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