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Inner Voice

June 29, 2013

Most people speak when they have nothing to say

nothing clear, just an interminable and hazy grey

A comforting noise to fill the vacuum

an empty shell echoes, the remnants of what they consume

The art of words are abused by most

merely a chance to rant and boast

To preempt an emptiness feared by all

where self-reflection looms tall

I don’t mean to moralize, only to make people think

shake them out of an inertia, bought on by too much drink

People drink up everything they can gulp down

with no appreciation for the silent moments all around

in between and surrounding their drunkenness

the source of true life, light and beautiful-ness.

So please stop a second, do not rush away

to the next day in a life serial and gray.

Look inside, and not all around

channel your energy from the ground.

Do not cling to the next sensory stimulation

create from within a rising inspiration.

The world around can only repeat

the world within provides something new

to the same old drum, do not beat

dance to a song that is unique to you.

  1. linda permalink

    This may be my favorite one so far.
    I love it.
    Well written and very true.
    I am sure many people will agree with you and I am one of them.
    Wonderful poem.
    Most people live in the moment and never bother to do any soul searching.

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