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My Boundaries

July 4, 2013

I am not quite sure what it is,

but I seem to draw envy and hatred

i need others little, and their help I rarely miss,

is this a situation I have created?

I ask for little and want little in return,

yet people fixate and their anger burns

I stand steady, I will never yield,

this is my place, my field.

No one has a claim on me

only the earth from which I sprung.

This could all be but a dream

so my song must be sincerely sung.

Make your noise, sound and fury

just wait, I will be your judge and jury

and when you’re taken to prison without passing go

I will happily deliver the executioners blow.

One Comment
  1. linda permalink

    This is an amazing poem and very well written.
    It speaks volumes though not very long at all.
    You are an amazing poet and your words are truthful and heartfelt.
    I always look forward to new creations from you.

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