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July 7, 2013

A fidgeting and restless sensation

an endless flight with no compensation

this feeling weighs heavy, not just in mind

brain and body is it confined.

It sweeps up my whole outlook

a harrowing prospect, I am fixated and stuck

with dreariness and dejection

my whole being seeks rejection

Sadness pervades my darkening horizon

a hollow shell of hate my prison

looking only for a hostile reaction

followed by my swift muscle contraction

released in a cacophonous rush

my conscience forced to hush

Waiting and waiting, for a moment of peace

when the need to react can simply cease

In that despair, of uncertain choices

a jumble of conflicting voices

I pick a direction, pursue it with zeal

and all conflicting emotions conceal

Through it all,

I scramble and I sprall

when I finally arrive

nothing can any longer be contrived

here lies the worst moment of a goal reached:

the desecration of a dream breached.

  1. Linda permalink

    Wonderful poem
    Well written and very well stated.
    You have a natural talent for writing and always a pleasure to read your poetry.

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