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First Love: The eye of a hurricane

July 9, 2013


In the eye of a hurricane

chaos may surround me

but I remain completely sane

focused on the one person I can see

I don’t really see who is there

only what I would like to be

My fascination comes not out of care

but out of something much more care-free

Out of obsession, devotion, and hopefulness

Illusion, deception and senselessness

But what choice in this setting

we all fix on something stable

even if there is little betting

it is anything more than a fable

Looking back I can smile

at the naivety of youth

even if it took a long while

for me to realize the truth.

A painful journey no doubt,

engulfed by the whirlwind

spun inside and out

till little was left to rescind.

The remnants I cling on to

A better focus for me it provides

A goal and a purpose to chase anew

where the only true love resides.

In my own soul and determination

pursued till all ends in extermination.

  1. Linda permalink

    Great poem.
    You have such a wonderful gift for writing.
    I can feel the emotion in every word and every line.
    It rushes me to the end.
    Always amazing.

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