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The Runner

July 13, 2013


Setting out at a steady pace

not too fast, this is not a race

breathing in the air, listening to the birds

singing without care, a song without words.

picking up speed, rolling along

oxygen in great need, heart beating strong

Legs loosen up, I bound and I float

like many a runner I would now like to gloat

But my pacing is key, I must stick to the plan

A glance at my watch, I can see, how long I have ran.

Upwards over some slopes, will my body cope?

a pleasant horizon comes in view, a new and lasting hope.

Racing down, the breeze blows in my face

a cooling sensation, against which I brace.

On through and down, back to level ground

A pause for breath and a look all around.

Back up to speed for a final burst

knowing that still to come is the worst.

Not too long now, breathing getting more rushed

Ignore the body pain, let it all be hushed

On to the final yards, pushing now very hard

A sense of personal achievement my only reward.

Across the line, limbs relax, want to collapse in a heap

Just a final jog back home to some well earned sleep.

  1. Linda permalink

    Great poem.
    I feel like I am running along with you.
    Well done.

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