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Caged Animal

July 14, 2013


Waiting, watching, my eyes devour all who look

dare to move closer, you will come unstuck

the zoo keeper has me drugged up,

but that is not nearly enough.

My body may lie placid and peaceful,

but behind my eyes lies a fury never dulled

a burning rage, a revengeful desire

a pounding heart never set  to expire

Look if you dare, into the eyes of pure hate

controlled and focused and willing to endure and wait

for my chance that will surely come

to destroy all in my reach under the sun

I am ready to pounce, take your chance if you will

destruction to me is the purest of thrills.

The lookers-on move along, curiosity mixed with fear

they know it is wrong, but still they edge nearer

A grab and a swipe, and at the sight of blood

the cage swings open, the emotions flood.

It all comes back to me at this moment,

I can take what I want, I need no ones consent.

Years of repression and constriction released

       energy so long coiled

       has finally over-boiled

in an orgy of slaughter, fit for a beast.

  1. There’s a story I was told when I was younger, that I’ve used a lot in my writing. It was about a bear from a small zoo in Kansas. The zoo was eventually closed down due to lack of space and larger animal reserves opening up. The bear was raised in a teeny tiny cage (the dimensions don’t matter, just think smaller than it should be). When the zoo was closed he was moved to a large reservation where he had lots of open space in his habitat. Sounds great, right? Not so much. The rest his life the bear lived within the same dimensions of his cage, setting the same boundaries for himself because the concept of “roaming free” had been with held from him since birth. In order to ensure his survival the staff had to basically hand feed him everyday because he wouldn’t go find food.
    You’re story made me think of that. I’m sure animals are outraged, on some primal level, that they’re caged up. And I’m outraged that many of the will never know they are caged up.
    On another note I stopped by to ask you a question. Do you happen to know of any philosophers with the belief that humans have developed at too rapid a pace and because of that their technology is destroying all other life on Earth. In order to preserve the life of billions of animals from different species we need to kill off mankind? (I don’t care one way or another about the philosophy behind it, I just want to know if there’s anyone out there who ever wrote about those beliefs. Thanks,

    • Well the caged animal is also meant as a metaphor of how we cage ourselves with our own internal repressions. As it seems is the case with that bear you mention which has become conditioned to the idea of living in a small cage.

      Many philosophers have considered how human numbers have got out of control and considered means of controlling human numbers, such as John Stuart Mill and Thomas Malthus. Malthus had a pessimistic view that we cannot self control here so we rely on diseases and war as a way of keeping population in check. They didn’t consider killing off mankind, only that it may happen as a natural consequence of our own actions. Not as a destruction, but just to keep human numbers under control.

      A recent philosopher/biologist who considers those similar things is Jared Diamond, who wrote the rise and fall of the third chimpanzee, and collapse, how civilizations tend to collapse over time. A philosopher who tries to reconcile humans and animals, is Mary Midgley who wrote Beast and Man, which I found to be a very good book.

  2. Linda permalink

    This is very intense.
    It captures your attention right from the start and holds it.
    Great job.

  3. Reblogged this on jonathanhockey and commented:

    I need this passion and energy to take into 2016, I need to remember where I have been and where I can be again if I have the courage to put myself in the right situations.

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