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The Struggles of Life

July 18, 2013

Moved around and messed about

The only constant is worry and doubt

it creeps in from all corners,

there is no one who can warn us.

Confusion and uncertainty rise

fear of an unpleasant surprise.

We can only hold out so long

the walls must one day burst

till then, living is our song

though we know it is cursed.

Getting from one day to another

facing the daily grind

abandoning the earth our mother

for the sake of a busy mind.

Deep down we know our fate,

what we try in vain to avoid

it will all be too little too late

the day our body is destroyed.

So we pass on our very self

give bits away as we go

a personal store of wealth

that allows others to grow.

Individual ambition may be what we prize

but our destiny lies in beholden eyes.

  1. Linda permalink

    Wonderful poem.
    I think we do leave some of ourselves behind as we go through life.
    I really like this one and I think you have a wonderful and expressive mind.

    • Thank you, yes the world does ask a lot of us at times. But you have to accept this aspect of life, you can’t isolate yourself from it.

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