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Scattered Brain

July 22, 2013

Distracted and disturbed,
my mind rushes from one thought to the next.
Confused and perturbed,
I cannot brush away this feeling of being vexed

Unable to settle, to hold on to an idea
this feeling is unwelcome and queer.
What can I do but be a spectator,
watch the thoughts fly around my head
I am reduced to a mere commentator
my free-will appears to have fled.

There appears no direction, no purpose to their course
no goal pursued, nothing of impressive force
just a clutter of half-formed thoughts
Stunted, mishapen, under grown and short

No intention to which I can take a grip
just streams and rivulets, no room for a ship
only bits and pieces can make it through
the old must be rejected to make way for the new.

At some point a new synthesis will form
when it is least expected and when hope is almost lost
this, I am afraid is the norm,
for being an aware human, it is the painful cost.

  1. Linda permalink

    Great poem.
    Well written and seems to be how I feel every once in a while.
    You are such a gifted poetic.

    • Yes, I think many of us often feel a bit like this, most of the time it is happening and we are not aware of it.

      Thank you šŸ™‚

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