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Cultural Degeneracy – How will it end?

September 3, 2013

Globalisation: worldwide trade and transport, have entailed a cultural upheaval and degeneration, due to the mixing of varying traditions rendering each ones own seem to be irrational, unjustified and meaningless. Tradition loses authority as a result. Values are not passed down and people become more and more vulnerable to mass media brainwashing as they have no strong values of their own to defend themselves with. Media becomes the ultimate peer pressure tool. Creating a psychological need to be cool, stylish, fashionable, and generally respected by your peers. A form of anonymous bullying, targeting any and every weakness of a person/child, to form values for themselves or to respect and follow their parents/communities values.

No doubt communities and parents are themselves smaller scale versions of such bullying and peer pressure. But by being closer to the person concerned a certain sameness of tradition is assured that creates a strong sense of values in an individual. The media is a long way removed from those it “bullies”, and is very little concerned for its victims, beyond ensuring they persist to feed off and depend on it.

So this is cultural degeneracy, how it happened and what it means. But it can only be a temporary, transitional phase. What direction will the human population take once this upheaval has settled down?

Will it revert to small isolated pockets of people, due to increased immigration controls and tighter military divides between nations?

Will a new international community emerge and develop with a new set of shared strong values?

Will this degenerate phase lead us to our ultimate demise as a species on planet Earth?

Will there be a religious uprising?

I believe it is near enough impossible to know what direction it will go. We are on a precipice, a thin ledge, we may stay on that ledge going forwards, we may retreat slowly backwards along it, or we may fall off the edge one way or another and go tumbling down. There is only one thing that can keep it on the ledge, and that is the spiritual effort of individual human beings. A type of system or economy will not save us. Science will not save us, education will not save us. Only individuals who internalize some of the values passed down to them, breathing a new and refreshed spiritual life into those values, can salvage the human condition from self-destruction.

This is why I know cultural degeneracy can only be a temporary affair, for such individuals negate the presence of degeneracy in the culture they influence. Inertia and fatalism are not an option for the future of humanity and its destiny. They are just the fleeting psychological tools of oppression and control of a faceless media on its vulnerable subject population.

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