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Rage at the World

September 23, 2013


Stop for a moment, take a look at what you’ve become

a raging torment, mad at all things under the sun.

the world can offer me little,

matter is fragile and brittle

temporary and fleeting,

yet still always repeating

the same pattern over and again

too scared to pen

a new idea against the grain

of old traditions and refrains.

I see an old pattern, a cliché, a stereotype

it makes me sick to the core

the world is full of so much hype

to me its an interminable bore

People lower their goals so much,

purely because others put them in place

as if an opinion out of touch

could possibly invade our personal space

Truth is we let ourselves down,

we pull the plug on our own hopes

out of fear we may drown

in an abyss with no scope

But freedom cannot be taken from us

we give it up, surrender it by will

and it makes me angry at this universe

why are so few of us prepared to climb a hill?

One Comment
  1. I just want to say a thank you to people who have liked this and other poems and posts of mine, and have followed my page. It is very encouraging to get this kind of support.

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