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Christianity and Homosexuality

October 3, 2013

I think it is a sign of how out of touch Christianity is, that one of the few things it has to define itself by is its hatred of gay people. This is the problem when you let an authority handed down, by a book or whatever from another person, tell you what to believe, rather than using your own mind. You become more and more out of touch with reality, and even spirituality, as it is now.

Before you start looking at it on the moral level of your own choices, you have to think about the world we now live in. It is massively over populated. There are too many people too close to each other, compared to even just 100 years ago. You bundle people together like this and sexuality starts to change its meaning and significance to people.

This is the basic facts, the basic spiritual reality we are confronted with. People still get to make their own personal decisions in relation to this reality. Now this is where I disagree with some who claim homosexuality is in their nature, they were born that way. Now this is a very naive thing to say, because it is clearly a socially constructed thing in the last few generations. Yes, there are extreme cases of people, say a man born in a woman’s body, etc. due to hormonal and physiological factors. But for the most part it is a decision reached, based on the social reality that surrounds you, and based on wanting to fit in, please others etc..

There may be some controversial opinions here, but I think it is a good debate to be discussed and thought about more. As it needs to be considered how our social environment has changed, and how this influences the spiritual decisions we must make in life. When people rush to get on to the morality of things, they are just rushing to hide from confronting the reality that we have to deal with here of a part of what humanity has become.

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