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Sexuality as a Social Construction

October 4, 2013

Many people will swear by their sexuality as being inherent to their nature. Some will even quote genesis from the bible in their defense. Others will ignore the role models and their siblings from youth as influencing their sexual preferences. Many a homosexual man will swear blind he is that way by nature, then he will proceed to tell stories of the women who influenced his childhood, and an absent male authority figure.

There seems to be some sort of willing self-blindness here to obvious facts. Tests with flies and other animals have shown by isolating one gender over time that some will then begin to take on feminine characteristics. At what point was their inherent individual nature determining their sexuality here? It was clearly the social environment they were placed in that influenced them, and this is with much more basic, instinctual animals such as flies. How much more so would a complex social mammal like man, and woman with their developed brains and great and subtle awareness of their surroundings be influenced by social factors in their sexual development?

So what is the reason for ignoring this? It is a typical example of a taboo subject in daily life, which only philosophical style reflection it seems can bring to awareness. What it comes down to is an illustration of the power of instinctual drives, and how they overcome peoples critical and mental faculties.

But from where comes my supposed ability to question and reach outside of this taboo? I have long held a very cynical view of sexuality and its influence on the relationships people form with others. I have seen how people say one thing and do another when it comes to this domain. I have seen how irrational people become in this area. It all originates at puberty as a teenager when people go through a time of ritual initiation into various irrational ways of acting to gain approval of others. Joining gangs, smoking, speaking in slang, dressing in cool clothes. From this develops a false sense of self, diverging further and further from a persons true source of being. A compromise is reached. They get access to the source of their being now only via sexual relationships with others. The rest of the time they must uphold their false sense of self, as their payment for access and initiation into this group of sexual activity.

Now for me this time where my socialisation and initialisation should have originated into these ritual activities with their various prescribed ways of acting, rules and no-go zones, taboos. At this time I completely isolated myself from social groups and from pursuing approval of others. My reasons were reaction to, and hatred of, certain things I had just come to perceive for myself at a young age, for reasons I can’t really explain or remember the source of.

I am sure there must be some others out there who have had a similar experience to myself. The end result for me is finding myself torn between goals in life. Do I try to start ingratiating myself more to others? Is that my way to progress spiritually. Or should I take my current way further still? And follow through my own destiny, and strive to be a non-sexual being. When any one tries to manipulate me on any grounds, based on any needs of mine they think they can jerk around like a puppet on strings. Any time this happens I feel this overwhelming urge to fight against the whole corrupt, degenerate system and prove I can live independently of these supposed needs they thought I was dependent upon. Herein lies the spiritual struggle I currently face. I do not want to give up on others completely and live like a hermit. But then I also have no intention of being made dependent upon the approval of others by developing a false self to fit in with others.

For now I can only conclude that my destiny remains uncertain. But one thing certain is that in our society, sexuality has become inextricably tangled up with initiation rituals of humiliation, seeking approval of others and developing a false sense of self becoming more and more removed from your spiritual source of being and identity. All to please others, and because many make a decision to accept at some point in their life that getting laid is more important, and more necessary to them, than their own awareness and sense of their being in this world.

As a final thought, take a look at these pictures/sound-bites, representing typical humorous views on sexuality. And ask yourself, who has the more cynical/defeatist view of sexuality: Me, or the standard, socially accepted view?


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