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Sexuality and Spirituality

October 7, 2013

I think throughout human history these two things have been intertwined, but in recent times they have become reified from each other. Sexual expression and spiritual expression were different aspects of the same phenomena. This was exemplified in Pagan style religions. I have read and studied this in depth in writers such as Colin Wilson. The problem now as I see it is that the compartmentalization of aspects of our life that the modern global world seems to force upon us is such that sexuality and spirituality as a natural means of self-expression has been undermined.

Material pressures determine relationship choices, rather than spiritual decisions. Modern relationships themselves, by setting themselves up as exclusive and abstracting two people off from the world around them in a bubble, are an example of how sexual expression becomes isolated from people’s authentic spiritual sense of self and identity.

It is in this kind of setting that I would never be willing to express my spiritual and sexual identity. For I am not interested in reinforcing patterns of behavior that I believe are clearly wrong, unhealthy, and misguided. I am prepared to express my sexual and spiritual being, but not by playing out old stories and old patterns. For me it will have to be something new and different if it is to grab my interest. I am not willing to reduce myself to playing out a role, predetermined by this or that storyline, just to please other peoples laziness and unwillingness to think things through differently.

The biggest lesson here is that when it comes to spirituality and sexuality, you should never let other people, or standard cultural practices, define what you are and what you can be, you should use your own thoughts to create your own reality. For the only authentic reality is the one spiritually embraced and created and maintained by a perceiving and thinking individual. All else is just repetition of old patterns, and is no more real than a record playing and repeating endlessly on a loop.

One Comment
  1. linda permalink

    I agree that many people will enter a relationship with preconceived ideas of what a relationship should be.
    Many people will go through the usual routines that most relationships seem to follow.
    They just “go with the flow” so to speak.
    It seems it is just easier to follow the patterns that have been set up throughout most of history instead of deciding that maybe they could create a new and different relationship that may be better suited for them.

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