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Blinkered Vision

October 13, 2013

This sums up my issue with many, and probably any, person who identifies with one “ism” or another.  I can see a reason for setting up views like these as parameters for a debate. But when you go beyond using labels to find your way, and think that the label IS the way, that is when you have a problem.

Take materialism. A debate considering this perspective allows us to recognise the importance of causal chains in phenomena, and universal natural tendencies such as entropy and the conservation of energy. But a person who becomes a Materialist, suddenly starts saying strange and dubious things about the mind, as if it is reducible to the brain, and starts ignoring all the gaps in his theory in key spiritual areas, or just comforting himself with the thought that future science will explain all these areas.  The debate is ended because the person has become blinkered in their viewpoint. They are not open to what is really out there anymore, but only to what fits in line with their interpretation that helps them sleep at night and feel in control of their environment.

All these tendencies can be numbered under rationalisations, they ultimately become enemies to, and further and further removed from reality, as they are only interested in prescribing their own set of truths, rather than being open to reality as it is. This is the effect of human institutions on the human mind. Controlling and constricting it. Not out of a noble idea of truth, but out of a weak minded fear of the untruth of their “truth”.

The human being, the human animal, the human spirit counters this tendency. Just as medicine seems to effect human evolution negatively in terms of our resistance to certain diseases etc. By undermining the effects of natural selection. So rationalisations effect the evolution of the human spirit negatively, despite claiming to help it and represent its vanguard, by causing a laziness of mind happy to settle for simple prescriptions of truth, rather than being willing to be open to reality, to truth as it is, not just how we want it to be.

  1. Linda permalink

    I know so many people who rationalize everything.
    No matter what you tell them………they have an answer for everything.
    They can be dead wrong,but nothing you say will convince them otherwise.
    They create a truth to fit their need.
    Great poem and good insight.

    • Thanks Linda, but not a poem, unless unintentionally it is 😀
      You are right, many people are like that, they are blind to anything that doesnt fit in with their comfortable vision of the world.

  2. Hear, hear. It seems a disease of human nature, constantly wrapped up in all our thoughts and opinions, that we decide on the viewpoint that most closely fits our views and then proceed to extrapolate that viewpoint and proceed from it as being true, instead of focusing on the things that made us think it was true. Well put.

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