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Poetic Musings – Perfect People

October 21, 2013




Some poetic musings inspired by a novel I am currently reading: Perfect People by Peter James. About two parents who lose a kid and decide to seek the help of a geneticist to design a healthy baby for them.








Medicine, the ultimate anaesthetic

Kiling pain, adding prosthetics

The needs of the individual man

more important than the species’ lifespan


Existence becomes futile and pathetic

no more spirits, musings and prophetics

people pursue their own course of pleasure

in an unhealthy, imbalanced measure.


Engaging in an empty dialectic

a false drama, a prophylactic

a shared wink and a mutual knowing

a surface game, no doing, only showing.


The truth lies prostate, and spastic

a world increasingly made of plastic

short-sighted, vision stunted and lop-sided

constant decisions, but nothing ever decided.


I speak of a world to come, of a world almost here

a life dictated by reactions to anxiety and fear

running from fate, from death: the ultimate and only source

of meaning and progress in life’s meandering course.

One Comment
  1. Linda permalink

    Great poem.
    I think people tend to worry about useless things in life rather than actually living and enjoying before there is no time left to do so.

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