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An Opiate for the Masses: Anti-Depressants

October 22, 2013

The luring voice of a simple way out:

A life discourse free of worry and doubt.

an opiate, a rising sedation

steering me around all confrontation,

into a tranquil domestication.

A fear of growing, sluggish, slowing

An ignorance of all that is knowing.

Never contradicting, always flowing.

Lulling me into a heightened numbness

Dulling me into a state of dumbness.

That is the goodly doctors prescription

Or is it just another addiction.

  1. Very meaningful and well-written

  2. Linda permalink

    This is true and unfortunately some people really need this.
    Some would prefer to function as if walking through a fog than not be able to be around the constant stress that can make their world just so unbearable.
    I wish there was a middle ground……but it seems it is all or nothing.
    Great poem.

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