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The Green-Eyed Demon: A Sonnet

October 25, 2013


An envious eye, and a jealous glance

cast a dark shadow on this world of light

lurking in the depths, waiting for its chance

to bring an end to all thats good and right.

Fueled by hatred, all-consuming and black

targeting those who are least suspecting

waiting for the best moment to attack

the time the victim is least expecting.

Innocuously the sucker looks on

a prey to this twisted, grand deception

the stalker becoming greatly turned on

as his plan approaches its inception.

The stricken blow falls flat on a soft head

Bloody in his pursuit, but no blood shed.

  1. Linda permalink

    I think that envy is one of the worst emotions to feel.
    I think if you are happy with yourself there is a lesser chance to feel envious of others.
    Most people,I am sure,feel envy at some point in their lives.
    Wonderful poem.

    • Thanks Linda, yes I meant it as much when I have noticed it in myself as when I have noticed it in others. It is a terrible emotion indeed. Yes, if you are content in yourself you are much less likely to feel envy, but you could still be a victim or be made to feel bad based on others envy, so it is a difficult problem to deal with in human relationships.

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