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Death and Stoicism

October 26, 2013

In the face of impending doom

of the aging of the body

It’s  the one thing we can’t run from

where fight or flight loses its meaning

we cannot fight what we can’t see

we cannot take flight from ourselves

Others can help with little things

but most things must be beared and grinned.

In youth we can select our voice

our positions, affinities

but in old age we have no choice

stoicism’s the only decree:

acceptance and resignation

phlegmatic in contemplation.

Imperturbable and composed

in no way violently disposed.

Strong in mind despite the bodies decay

with no excuses, nothing more to say

except the one truth and affirmation

the thing that provides our confirmation:

None can carry this heavy weight

of our own struggle with our fate.

If you’re struggling to comprehend

observe forebearance till the end.


  1. Linda permalink

    Well since I am feeling time rushing passed me and have fewer years in front of me than behind,I tend to agree.You always have such a way with words.Well done.

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