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Something to Gain from Life

October 29, 2013

Friendly faces, bubbly and well-meaning

not sure if I’m living or I’m dreaming

always someone you can sit and chat to

always something to say, something to do

A flow of events continually

not punctuated: life eternally

I will not break this bubble, not by choice,

but I’m evér aware of trouble, that nagging voice

Things are never so neat as they may seem

an unseen heat burns up in the grand scheme.

A silent enemy hidden within

the soul of us all: unrepented sin.

Live without care, even live without fear

just don’t hold anything too close or dear.

Things are subject to change, nothing just stays

whatever we may do, all means and ways.

Call it pessimism if you so choose,

but i’d rather have something to gain than to lose.

One Comment
  1. Linda permalink

    This is really great.
    I think we are all a bit pessimistic at times.
    I think that most people still choose to take a chance even at the risk of failure.

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