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Waiting for my tide to come in

November 3, 2013

Looking around I survey all mankind

quite scared of what I’ll find.

Scraping little beyond the cold surface

weary of the inner fiery furnace.

Playing it safe rebounding off the skin

little or no faith, just fear of sin.


Inside may lie a world of great vision

if only I would not err in my decision

if only I would not hold back from incision

too many spaces, too much omission

Aspiring to completeness, making only elisions.

So I let off this steam, these immissions.

This is not freedom, this is my prison.


Words can take us so far, then we must jump

Into that vacuum, and land with a bump

Other people can’t be found in our reflection

they do not lie in our introspection

They wait at some remove, to be discovered

embraced, infused and uncovered.


You can’t be sure of what you’ll find

you have to feel your way in, like one who’s blind

perceive the tug, the pull, the too and fro

this will tell you which way you need to go.

Avoid the wavy-minded fools

and the raging whirlpools

bob’ling from side to side

enjoy the wob’ly ride

till inwards comes your tide.



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