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Finding Joy in Life

November 4, 2013

An endless chain of consumption

Instead of perception, a presumption:

That the world is meant to fulfill my needs

to bow down to all my exhaustive deeds.


A perpetual cyclic addiction

refusing to accept the force of friction

An endless falling through blank space

unwilling to accept crashing disgrace

continuing unheeded at inert pace.


We live yet we desire this sad state

we continually swallow the bate

why do we so crave the abyss

why is it so much like rapturous bliss?

why from the core of our being

are we always fleeing?


A joy without consumption lies inside

a life without intoxication there resides

It may not taste as sweet as wine,

nor appear as easy, or as fine.

but better self-control, than to resign:

to the forces surrounding us

providing just a short-term buzz.


Our greatest enemy oftentimes is ourselves

but it is our only true, lasting, source of wealth

Just take a moment to feel that inner pain

and you will soon see

from it no loss will there be,

only peaceful and joyous gain.

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