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November 11, 2013

Anticipating the coming kneading.

A message from my muscles I’m heeding

of tightness, stress, strain and fatigue

a regress from copious pains in league

acting together, weighing on my soul

contracting my body, dampening my resolve.

An unseen enemy, hidden within

Lurking, Skulking, with a forbidding grin.


So on to the massage table, lying,

letting go, relaxing, thoughtless, flying

Absorbing the soothing, soft sensations,

from hard times handing some compensation.

Warmth and heat, trickles slowly down my back

Up then down again, like a railway track

Chugging along, Over, over, again

Smoothing out the creases from who knows when.

A past no longer of my concerning

a new felt lightness I am discerning

A heavy weight discarded by a touch

A sweet release from a thing too long clutched

A moment to indulge in and savor

A taste of a mellifluous flavor.

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