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Some Further Thoughts…

November 12, 2013

What we have here I think is a participatory, democratic notion of truth. Moving beyond the imperialism and colonialism of the objectivism of the enlightenment, and beyond the hopeless protestations of the relativists refusing to add their voice, or let anyone else add their voice, in any debates due to its supposed futility. We need no higher authority for truth when we are an active participator in creating that truth ourselves.

This I think is a really good way to view this problem. The powerful amongst us get to invent what is true for us all, yes, and we all have power, so we can all do this. This perspective helps us to get us past the long drawn out debate between relativists/contextualists and objectivists/foundationalists regarding the nature of truth. Reductionism is a desperate attempt to resolve this debate in favor of one side, as post-modernism was to resolve it in the other direction, what is needed is to deflate the very need for the debate.

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