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Time for Suicide?

November 15, 2013

A comforting thought in which to reside

but a reality too painful to long abide

choosing this way or that, I must decide

is it worth a damn, this cruel, fucked up ride?

take a moment to think

teetering on the brink

is there anywhere left for me to hide,

or has my time finally arrived,

is it time for suicide?

  1. linda permalink

    Not my favorite topic…..since I believe that is the coward’s way out,but I feel the pain behind the words.
    Great poem………….I just wish life did not cause you to feel this way at times.

    • I used to think that too, but then, to inflict pain on yourself hurts, while inflicting it on others doesn’t. So I’d say in that sense it is certainly at least more courageous than murder. I don’t agree with it per se, but it is a sensation people feel, some people get pushed over the edge, I was trying to capture that while I was quite close to that edge myself.

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