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Finding Inspiration

November 16, 2013

It is all too easy to find yourself in an uninspiring life situation. You should never let yourself stay there for long. You should gain awareness quickly of what it is that is missing from your current situation so you can set about putting it right.

Different people find inspiration from different things. I lived a life of regular nights out drinking the last month or two, and have found it to be uninspiring. I only did it this long as I live with some people who do find that kind of thing inspiring, and I wanted to put in a good effort. But the reality is that this lifestyle is simply not for me. Not because I am judgmental of it, not because the odd night out would not be a good thing, but simply because it doesn’t inspire me.

So what does inspire me?

A person working hard to achieve their own personal goals and not letting little things distract them from this. A person with determination and spirit to fight against the odds to achieve certain things.

I can sit and watch the feats of Sebastien Coe on You Tube from the 80’s and find it very inspiring. The dedication to his training, his strategy, the breaking of world records and the poise he showed while executing it all during races. I like to watch old wrestling videos on you tube also, the sheer fire, energy and determination of the ultimate warrior I find to be a great inspiration.

Then there is certain books, the effort of thought and the whole lifestyle behind it of certain authors, and the dedication they must have put in to research and develop their style and their ideas. This also I find inspirational. People who find a way to express themselves in what they do, not just on a night out, but in all aspects of their life, these are the people I am inspired by, and who I also aspire to be like.

I don’t need a release from being me, I need to be more me than I have ever been before, and to not let other people stop me from expressing myself, by making me feel bad, guilty or intimidated. The real me is not something I need to be ashamed of, or released from. It is something for me to embrace and be proud of. I don’t need to drown myself in my sorrows, I need to drink copiously from the fountain of life.

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