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The Ashes: Competition undermining Moral Awareness

November 25, 2013

Just a quick post commenting on the current ashes cricket series between England and Australia. Remember how sporting Andy Flintoff was to that Australian Fast Bowler Brett Lee, as England won the ashes way back when. And now look at the behavior Australia are resorting to in this current Ashes series! Threatening, intimidating, even attacking the character of the England team and its players in press conferences after the match. It just goes to show that a bit of competitiveness is healthy, while too much of it leads to a disregard for basic morals and respect for other human beings. There is always a dangerous line in team sports when it can turn into a ruthless almost tribal battle, where each identifies so strongly with their own team that they lose sight of basic compassion and respect for the others.

It is something that has long made me suspicious of many team sports. Yes, they can be a good outlet for a post-warring Western society, but that they are an outlet for these kinds of urges means they remain an area we should be cautious of. Team sport has a place in society, but each setback like this through these morally forgetful attitudes does damage to the credibility of the particular sport concerned. Australia may well win the ashes with this new approach of multi-dimensional intimidation and belittling of their opponents, but the long-term cost may well be the interest and respect people have for this particular sporting confrontation.

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