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Beware the weasel

November 29, 2013

Beware the weasel, the cunning snake

little to give you, but happy to take

all that they can, with a friendly face

and a seemingly benign grace

Deferent and respectful it appears

a confidante to your hopes and fears

Till your back is turned, and every moment

is used to weave an advantageous component

to their position in the eyes of others

to your friends and your lovers

Before long they have took your very place

with no thought of shame or self-disgrace

The mistake I continually make

assuming others are prepared to give a bit, not just take

This mutual game is not played by all

the weasels and the snakes are happy to send you in to free-fall

to grab what they can and leave you for dead

beware the weasel I tell myself as I lay in bed…

But by the morning I have forgotten instead.

  1. nicely written poem. These weasels do exist out there.

    • Thank you, yes they do, but I find it difficult to not assume other people think like me, and so I am often surprised by their actions, when really I should not be!

      • I think we all project and assume others think like us! I do that too. It’s just hard to know what kind of person you’re dealing with…none of us are mind readers…wishing you fewer weasels lol!

        • Thank you! yes it really is difficult to know sometimes, I think my biggest problem is I tend to focus on any behavior like that and ignore all the positive examples of behavior from other people, or take them for granted, which I shouldn’t do.

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