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Reward yourself for the little things

December 2, 2013

I know at times we would love to achieve grand things, and the thought of doing this can be very inspiring. Being the best at something, being an expert at something, raising a family. But these are not things we can achieve every day, and sometimes for now all we can focus on is a tiny little step towards this goal. Such as, being assertive in a certain situation, not reacting to someone in an angry way, having a good day of exercise, eating healthily.

And when we do do these little things I think we need to be more prepared to reward ourself a bit. It may just be to smile and nod your head in recognition of it. It may be to treat yourself in some small way. Whatever it is, this recognition is crucial as it helps to consolidate and create a positive feedback loop in your mind with this new type of behavior. And so it helps in the process of overcoming bad habits.

The whole thing is a habit forming process. Our minds are remarkably responsive to it. So do not take those little things for granted that you can achieve each day. They are the necessary steps towards a more grand achievement during your lifetime.

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