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My Life-Story

December 3, 2013

I think and wonder, what is the best course

what would take courage and maximum force

I set up the world as my enemy

a source of only hate and infamy

for all the energy I can muster

I’m consuming myself in a fluster

The more noble, creative direction

the path on which there is no protection

the most difficult thing to live

is to let go, forget it, and forgive.


This is one enemy I cannot face

one rival against whom I cannot brace.

The past that looms large in my mind

circling around, no way out can I find

haunting me, wrapping me up in a bind


Truly no greater challenge is present

than refusing to judge, stew on, resent

a past now permanently out of reach

containing actions and thoughts I can’t breach.


I clench a shadow of my past self

whilst dissolves all my current wealth.

Nothing weighs heavier on me

than the things I no longer see.

Nothing makes me feel quite so alone

than old memories shaking me to the bone.

How I wish once more that I could live,

but I grasp pain that won’t let me forgive.

This inner anger and burning fury

is my hopelessly tragic life-story.


  1. maybe you’re not supposed to forgive right now

    • Maybe you are right, it’s just it seems as a result my life is a constant struggle with this black cloud constantly over me

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