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New Vision

December 12, 2013

There are thousands of self-help books and self-help principles out there, which can take you in the right direction to being more empowered in your life. But the reason we have to keep reiterating and going over them, is that we have a tendency to slip back into the dominant mode of thought of the isolated mind. So what is also needed is a whole new vision of what we are, on the fundamental epistemological level.

If scientific experiments show that dogs are somehow psychically aware when their owners are heading home. If people are aware of being stared at, aware purely of someone fixing their attention on them, regardless of if they can see them. If people can know when a close friend or relative is ringing them. If in all these cases the research gives results near enough statistically impossible to achieve by chance. We have to start thinking, not simply that mind is somehow able to transcend the present space-time point in certain ways. But further, that the mind is clearly something different altogether from what we have been made to believe it is. That the mind is not in the present space-time point in the first place, as it is not a product of, or defined by, this system of ideas.

What is required here is a whole revolution in our basic epistemological vision of reality, and of how we relate to the world. That the mind can influence at a distance is well and good. I am happy to accept this as pretty much self-evident from my experience. But why feel the need to ask this question of reality in the first place, unless we are still trapped in the old paradigm of the isolated mind?

The problem is in how we perceive space , the arena in which we act out our lives. We still largely perceive it as a machine, a big container. The reason for this is not something in nature pushing us this way. It is that all our social spaces are geared to create this belief in us, it is how we are culturally conditioned by the social environment we are raised in. Architecture here has an influence on our basic epistemological categories. We spend most of our lives in cube shaped rooms. Why would we not see the world on analogy with this spatial container setting?

The reason for pointing all this out is to illustrate the difficult forces we have to fight against in overcoming this outdated epistemological vision. So what is reality, the arena, the stage on which we act out our lives, if not a spatial container obeying fixed laws? Reality is fields of influence, vibrating at many different frequencies. Reality is a process not a steady state. Reality is Holon’s. What are Holon’s? Entities that in one aspect are part of a larger whole, and in another aspect are a whole integrating parts. Thus of ourselves, we are a whole integrating parts of our body, we are also a part of the whole called society that integrates us. As soon as you try to pin down our reality to either being simply a whole or simply a part, you misunderstand yourself and others. You create an alienated individual at one extreme or a ruthless tyrant or dictator at the other extreme.

For some of my basic theorems on mind and epistemology, I have done another piece that is available to look at on this blog:

My Philosophy

It is also discussed in more detail in a post of mine from early this year:

Spiritual Philosophy

Only when we change our basic vision of reality, can we change more easily how we relate on a day to day basis to our world and to others. Only when we have this new vision of reality can we avoid being pushed and pulled around by all the ways in which the dominant culture gets us to react to it and in the process tacitly affirm its power and influence over us.

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