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Conspiracy continuation

December 20, 2013

To continue this theme, lets consider some of the main typical conspiracies and my opinions on them:

JFK Assassination

My view on this is that JFK was assassinated, and it was a coup d’etat involving a small elite group of people who felt JFK was not listening to them, was not doing what they told him, was not giving the okay for some things they wanted, such as to start a war with Cuba. So they eliminated him, and have had a stranglehold on the authority of US presidents ever since, who have the fear of this and them hanging over them, so they stay in line now with what this elite group tells them to do.

People can try to muddy the water getting into all sorts of details about the event. But the basic factors remain. The footage showing JFK’s head move back and to the left, illustrating a shooter not from the tower but from the grassy knoll. The people who took over the warren commission and the farcical magic bullet theory. The fact that he was stepping out of line, and a lot of people had a motive and incentive to have him assassinated.

The 9/11 Attacks

The conspiracy theory is that this was a false flag operation committed by the US government on its own people to justify wars in Iraq then Afghanistan. My view is that there are some unanswered questions here. But that there is plenty to suggest it was indeed a terrorist attack. The fact that it came so out of the blue in itself suggests that it was something real and unpredicted, rather than something planned.

There is some level of conspiracy that remains regarding the dubious justification for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. Economically and politically convenient targets. Rather than Saudi Arabia, the country from which most of the terrorists came. But I don’t think there was a bomb in the towers.There is enough to see from the footage, and I saw it as it happened myself, to suggest the towers came down as a result of the burning from the planes alone. Conspiracies about this are understandable in the sense that for many Americans, and people worldwide, it has been hard to comprehend that something like this could happen. So it is easier to get some measure of control of things back by imagining it was a false flag attack.

The Pentagon

This is quite a strange one. The conspiracy goes that it was not a plane but a missile that hit the pentagon, and it was to destroy information that could compromise the government somehow. This was a new one to me. The fact that so little footage has been released from the cameras around the pentagon, gives rise to suspicions here. And that no plane wreckage was found or even seen by survivors at the scene. It all suggests something dodgy here, but determining the details of it would be a sheer matter of speculation as there is so much secretive about the pentagon as it is, even separate from any conspiracies. And so adding that to it, makes it very difficult to distinguish any conspiracy there may be from typical government secrecy.

The Moon Landings

This was the archetypal conspiracy theory from a previous era. I think this is one that has been shown to be unfounded. The basic fact that they put something on the moon, a shiny smooth reflective surface to allow reflection of electromagnetic rays off of it to determine its distance from the earth very accurately, and the fact that they still use this to determine its distance, is pretty conclusive evidence in favour of the moon landings having actually happened.

Through all of these a common theme is a desire to place some sort of simplistic human motive as being behind the whole affair. This tendency to want to see human motives for things, to look for reasons and meaning, rather than accepting arbitrary facts is widespread. And it often gets in the way of our perception of the truth.

But then, there are powerful people in society who do like to manipulate others, and the depth of their manipulation is nigh on infinite. I wouldn’t put it passed people to do some or all of these things. But we have to take it on a case by case basis and come to our own conclusions, driven not by our emotional reactions, but primarily by a sober, scientific and psychological assessment of the facts and people involved.


  1. Thoughtfully presented here. In regards to 9/11, how do you suppose building 7, which was not hit by plane, and collapsed in the identical fahsion?

    • Well it didn’t collapse till much later that day. It is plausible that it was a result of debris and fires from the collapse of the north tower. But I suppose it could have been an opportunist move by government to destroy some information in here they didn’t want to get out, similar to what it may have been with the pentagon. The other thing I forgot to mention in the post is the fact that air defences were forced to stand down during the attacks. That does raise questions of a false flag attack, and I have still yet to see or find a credible and innocent motivation for this

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