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The True Conspiracies

December 20, 2013

I have recently been watching through some of the conspiracy theory programmes with Jesse Ventura. After seeing him do an interview recently about maybe running for the presidency in 2016, in which he talked about the lack of choice provided by the two-party system, my interest was sparked in what powerful forces behind the scenes are maintaining the status quo.

Many conspiracy theories are wrongly motivated. As they are driven by emotional people who see a human force behind all the bad and wrong things that happen in the world. But wrong motivation doesn’t always equal falsity. And also, in the case of Jesse Ventura, there is a more sober, multi-sided assessment of some conspiracy theories.

I am not looking to either debunk or glorify conspiracy theories, I just want to weed through them to get at any core of truth that may lay hidden in the undergrowth. The first alarming thing to realise is that some conspirators do not even need to put in much effort hide their actions, as they can rely on the mainstream media to pull the wool over peoples eyes and to discredit the reputation of the sources of any dangerous information.

Here is the central conspiracy, the role of the mainstream media is to pacify people and to provide distorted coverage of global news to achieve this end. I long ago became fed up of the news coverage here in the UK. And I have never read the papers, though just a cursory glance, shows me how they pull peoples emotional strings to get them to react to a story in a certain way.

As a person interested in truth, honesty and integrity, I cannot give much credence to the mainstream media. They may at times exhibit truths, even honesty, but they have no sense of integrity. They are just reporters at the end of the day, of stories whipped up by other individuals behind the scenes. They are just there to get us to react in a certain way, that is all they are interested in. It is just one form of emotional manipulation or another.

Integrity only comes from people who are not just reporting, but who believe what they are saying, and see it as having some personal bearing and significance. This is why I find myself turning to individuals such as Jesse Ventura, exposing conspiracy theories, or Abby Martin, and other RT news presenters, who exhibit at times both truth, honesty and integrity.

Yes, their more emotionally involved approach, leaves them open to other ways in which untruths may be proliferated. But surely it is all about a balance in media figures between these three qualities of truth, honesty and integrity. And right now integrity needs to be bought back into our media coverage of events.

So this is one true conspiracy. The goal of the mainstream media is not the presentation of truth about world events, but distorted coverage that they perceive will best pacify people. From here, there is room for many conspiracies to take root. If you don’t want to be subject to conspiracies, then don’t let yourself be emotionally manipulated by mainstream media. Then you will find yourself dealing not in conspiracies and dangerous truths, but in plain reality and simple truths.


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