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New Year Plans – 2014

December 29, 2013
  1. Clear out my room of all rubbish, ready for a new start

  2. Clear my mind of all its baggage

  3. Train for a running race or event

  4. Make an effort to friend some like-minded people

  5. Stop wasting time reacting to other people’s bad karma

  6. Change my negative self mindset

  7. Never assume other people have my interests in mind

  8. Never assume people will act with my interests in mind

  9. Make no assumptions about people, and don’t expect anything from them

  10. In particular, don’t imagine people will treat you as you treat them

  11. Other people do as they please, so I should do as I please

  12. Don’t tie yourself down with what “should” and “shouldn’t” be done

  13. Don’t play the victim, or the judge, of others


That is a short list of some goals for the new year for me to develop further on my spiritual path through life. I have made too many assumptions about  others, which has led me to feel victimized when they don’t live up to those assumptions. This, in turn, has made me susceptible to judging others lifestyles. All of this ties me up in a loop of bad karma, that I need to break out of.

I don’t expect it to be easy. So many of these behavioral tendencies and susceptibilities I have are driven deep on the sub-conscious level. The work of the psychologist Alfred Adler is relevant in this regard. Relationships with others formed during infancy strongly influence you throughout life, as they come into your very sense of identity, that is hard to shake off. (I have always felt being a youngest sibling limited the growth of my sense of responsibility for others, for instance.) Some who have a religious or spiritual revelation manage to achieve this, but often at a cost to their personality in some way, which becomes more restricted, obsessed or self-deluded.

I don’t expect to have a religious revelation anytime soon. All I can do is pick away at some of my bad habits, and bad ways of reacting to certain things, and hope that I will one day break free of my own bad karma. To achieve this with a full and healthy personality intact is the goal, as this would be a happy and fulfilled life.

  1. Jim Brennan permalink

    Many worthy goals. I especially like #13, it’s a bear to master, but worth the effort and pays lifelong results. Good luck with the running goal, it will make you feel so good. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Jim, that will take some effort I am sure. If I can get my focus sorted with my running, I think a lot of other things will fall in to place. Happy new year to you too.

  2. Linda permalink

    You have set yourself many goals you would like to accomplish.I wish you luck in achieving them and if anyone can do it it is you.You are very determined and when you set your mind on something you put all your effort into it.I wish you had someone there with you to help and support you so you would not need to do this alone.

    • There is no one I can rely on really, too many hidden agendas that other people have. Always have to be on my guard around people. It would be nice to be in a more loving, caring environment, but I am a very demanding single-minded person so there is not many people willing to go along with that.

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