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The Dark Master – Part One

December 30, 2013

A hush filled the darkening skies

the apprentice strode with caution-filled eyes

approaching the abode of the great master

heart beating slowly faster and faster

Much was said of this mighty lord

adept equally with pen as with sword

controller of minds, animals, even weather

heavy as an oak, yet light as a feather

It was all myths, legends grown out of size

the apprentice told himself, as he chastised

his needless fears, worries and hesitance

nearing the front door, holding a nearby tree for assistance

Taking a few breaths to strengthen his resolve

and his anxiety and stress, quickly dissolve

This young man was no fool, he was well and able

reasons and thoughts he could impress

to never indulge his emotions to excess

Hence why he was chosen to meet the great lord at his table

A duty not to be taken or given lightly

Rather, a duty to be completed, wrongly or rightly

The door was grand, dark and forbidding

overlayed with deep grooves and gridding

a mark of great age, and little use

this was not a place whose visitors were profuse

Muffled steps inside: louder and nearer they got

A cold chill swiftly replaced by something fiery and hot

Too late now to turn back, he would not dare

to disrupt this force, then bolt like a hare

So he stood confident and tall as he could

even if it would do him little or no good

Swinging open slowly on its hinges, the door

creaked. Light and heat emerged through its pores

a shadowy figure was stood there, blank

behind him it appeared cold, wet, dank

The enigma of this man grew in his mind

how could someone in this place, their home find?



One Comment
  1. Linda permalink

    Wonderful.It kept me reading faster to find what was coming next.I look forward to part 2.

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