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The Dark Master – Part Two

January 1, 2014

The Dark Master assessed his quarry

he looked apologetic, almost sorry

he drew the door open wide

and took the boy to his side.

“Good evening young sir, come in, don’t be shy.”

His emotions were stirred, his heart wanted to fly

the master talked with precision, calmly and softly

this added to his indecision, coming from one so lofty…

“You are welcome here, I have been expecting you

you have nothing to fear, you are long overdue.

Take off your jacket, and warm up by the fire,

I have long been awaiting a worthy sire.”

Uncertainty somewhat eased, I stepped through the door

First impressions were appeased, still I wondered, what was the score?

Why all the flattery, why so humble?

surely he was trying to get me to stumble.

To let my ego take over and grab for too much

most likely then, he would turn me to dust.

“I see your mind is in overdrive, my friend,

a lot to take in, as to my lair you descend.”

This talk of a lair, renewed my unease

but I was determined, this man not to displease.

“I am honored to find myself in your presence

you possess more mystique than a glowing moon crescent.

You talk of a sire, but I bring only some news.

from the land of the living, one you must choose

to take over your estate, when you meet your maker,

when your grave has been dug by the undertaker.”

“Well what good news you bring,

it makes my heart want to sing!

You talk of death and gloom

when I have not long left the womb.

I will be around some time yet

on that you can bet.

You have been given a false mission

to get you to this position.

I require your service, to extend my reign

over the earth, to wreak torment and pain…

Ha ha, do not worry or frown

I joke in bad taste, quite like a clown

Yet you will help me, and I will help you

to reach for something gloriously new.”

“I am greatly flattered by your interest in me,

but I have no gifts, surely you can see?

I cannot control minds or the weather,

not even in the smallest of measures.”

“Self-doubt is your only weakness,

be assured of this much.

if you overcome your souls bleakness

then great power you will clutch.”

I was curious, I will not doubt

but also I was inclined to run flat out.

Such a change of plan, offended my steady sense

if things turned bad, what would be my recompense?

I needed some time to mull it over alone

I just hoped time was something he would condone.

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