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The Dark Master – Part Three

January 2, 2014

The master saw the young man caught up in a flurry

so assured him he had no reason to worry

went off to get him a warming drink

and left him to mull over and think…

Thankful for the chance to digest,

all that had been on his mind impressed

the reluctant apprentice cast backwards his thoughts

some memory to make sense of it all, he sought.

He was just a messenger, that was his station

how could he perchance, accept this invitation?

That was not all,

something unnerved him about this man

made him stutter and stall

he tried in his eyes, something to scan…

but the eyes were cool, glazed and blank

as he was handed the cup from which he greedily drank…

“So, my young friend, you are trying to read me!

What, may I ask, if anything, do you see?”

“Precisely nothing, no inclination do I discern,

You hide well all that you have learned.”

“Nothing is hidden! All is in plain view

you look around, rather than straight through.

Let me tell you, what of you I surmise:

Firstly, I see right past your disguise

You are not content with your life calling

in that life you are inertly falling

You pretend it is satisfying

pleasurable and gratifying

but you believe there must be more

something to empower you to the core.

In your heart of hearts, you want adventure

you don’t want just to be a message dispenser

you want the life of those you go-between

you want to be heard and felt, not just seen.

Would you say young man,

please speak up if you can.

Is this an accurate assessment

a sharply felt presentiment?”

“I have dreamed, of course, like many folk

Held my head and hands up high, to evoke

a grand and mysterious force

to change the worlds fateful course.

But this hope now lies terminally low

it is much easier to go with the flow.

If there was some higher power,

maybe my self-belief could re-flower.”

“All the power you need is in your being

the iron solid core from which you keep fleeing

the fiery hot furnace deep within

that wants to bubble out and through your skin.

You need to wake up to your passion,

not a life for you by others fashioned.

I can show you this enlightening pathway

if in your vulnerability, you are willing to stay.

Don’t seek a certainty, an answer, a reason

the soul of things refutes such treason.

Just be open to what in your self can be found

then positive implications will spread and abound.

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