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The Dark Master – Part 4

January 10, 2014

The young apprentice sat and listened to the lord

each word that passed seeming to strike a chord

trembling, pulsating through his skin

to the imprisoned soul deep within.

The master spoke as one from another world

not limited to this earthly curl,

nor burdened with material needs

petty desires, or human greed.

I had to question if he was sincere

but supper time was drawing near.

I asked for a night to relax and repose

to let my mind, these thoughts enclose.

The Master was seemingly quite happy to oblige

he showed me my quarters, like a pleasant tour guide.

But his expression remained blank and glazed

little reaction, completely unfazed.

As if he had foreseen this turn of events

my decisions little could do to prevent…

Too tired now to pursue such reflection

the boy sought sleep for peace and protection.

So layed down the young man and took to his bed

closed his strained eyes, and relaxed his head…

Sat up in his study, brooded the dark master

thoughts racing, chasing, faster and faster

Was this man worthy of his time?

Could he be awakened from the crime:

of a deluded reality, in which he lay gripped

could the layers of illusion be safely stripped

Or would he react, like a drugged bad trip?

and prefer the comfort of what he knew well

to the freedom of all in heaven and hell.

It was virtually impossible to say at this stage

the master had only glimpsed through the walls of his cage

but he had spotted there a glimmer of hope

from which may be salvaged a significant scope

to set this young man on a brave new path

wielding all his courage and all his wrath,

for the dark purpose that consumed the lord

encroaching his being to the very core…

“Young man, you know not what lies in store!

you perceive merely the faintest beginning,

the repentance, perdition and purging of sinning.

But from there starts the long tough road

further and further from your natural abode

To higher and higher realms of awareness

where remains little or no sense of fairness

only a narrow line, to guide your mission

only the faintest glow of a disposition.

I do not envy the one to take this route

all common sense does it confute

It is a long and painfully arduous pursuit.”

With this the master released his blank expression

a moment, to heave a sigh of digression

“If there were but another direction

in which to take this dark reflection…

Alas there is none, the earth is doomed

and to this, the young man must be groomed.”

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